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General Description
    Turns an ordered list into a sorting game
 Sample Input
    Top 10 Selling Console Game.
    1)  Wii Play                                               2)   Guitar Hero III                    3)   Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    4)  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2               5)   Wii Fit                              6)   Mario Kart
    7)  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare             8)   Madden NFL '07                9)   Call of Duty: World at War
    10) Namco Museum
 Same Game Ouptut
 Live Game

  1. List Topic - Provide a basic message or topic so that the user know what is being shown and how they should be sorting it.
  2. Item Name - Enter the name of first item on the list. You will have to enter in a name for all items on your ordered list. 
  3. Add an optional image to represent the item. Choose the image file that you want to upload.  A window popup will appear.
  4. Once you select a file to upload, the name for the file will appear here
  5. If the image is valid, the Upload button will activate.  Click on the button to begin the upload.
  6. Once uploaded, you could click on the Preview button to preview the image.
  7. Add an optional YouTube video to enhance and provide more info about the item. You may enter the entire YouTube URL or you could simply enter the video code. Sample URL could be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABCDEFG. The video code here for this sample is ABCDEFG.
  8. Another optional info page could be linked to item to give them more details like a wikipedia page.  Simply enter the URL.   
  9. You can change the order in which the question appears by clicking on the up and down arrows or delete the item entirely. Deleting the item is permanent.  
  10. Add another item by clicking on the +List Item button. There must be at least 3 items to a list and a max of 10 items. 
  11. You can return to the previous page by clicking on Back.
  12. Click on Done when you are ready to move on.
Email support@twochop.com for further support.