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General Description
    Turns text blocks into a typing game.
 Sample Input
    Text, text, text. When the internet first started, there was only text. Faster connection and cheap disk space allowed sites to add pretty pictures great video,
     and music to the text; all with the purpose of making a site more engaging for us, the user.

 Same Game Ouptut
 Live Game

  1. WordPress Plugin ONLY: Auto-populate the entire form with content from your post.
  2. Enter the title of the post. This is optional.
  3. Enter the name of the author. This is optional
  4. Cut and paste body of your post here or alternatively, enter whatever body of text you desire. We suggest that there should be at least 150 words to make the game worth playing.
  5. You can return to the previous page by clicking on Back.
  6. Click on Done when you are ready to move on.

Email support@twochop.com for further support.