Word Cross

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General Description
    Crossword puzzle game.  Words could be extracted out of a post and standard definitions could be used as hints.  Otherwise, it could be modified
    with manual edit.       
 Sample Input
    Text, text, text. When the internet first started, there was only text. Faster connection and cheap disk space allowed sites to add pretty pictures great video, 
     and music to the text; all with the purpose of making a site more engaging for us, the user.

 Same Game Ouptut
 Live Game

  1. WordPress Plugin ONLY: Auto-populate the entire form with content from your post.
  2. WordPress Plugin ONLY: Enter the number of words in the puzzle. All the words entered may not fit into the puzzle. Therefore, only a sub-segment of the words will be used. We are improving the algorithm to create a better puzzle.
  3. Delete the word from the puzzle. This can't be changed.
  4. Enter the word.
  5. Enter the hint to the word
  6. Auto-populate the hint for the current word with a standard definition term.
  7. Add a new word.
  8. You can return to the previous page by clicking on Back.
  9. Click on Done when you are ready to move on.

Email support@twochop.com for further support.